image of tech industry newspapers media monitoring clip from The New York Times in the United States.
Newspaper The Times

Tesla is aiming to increase its production by 50 percent a year for the next several years.

Tags Tesla’s Stock – Elon Musk – Tech News – Automakers
Image of government sector and finance sector media monitoring news clip from TV in the middle east.
Broadcast MSNBC

Government's general budget for 2022-2024 amounts to $181 billion.

Tags Economy – Budget
Image of environment and climate change media monitoring news snippet from online news in Europe
Online News BBC

$100bn in climate finance is coming.

Tags Climate Change – Climate Finance – COP26 – Greenhouse Gases Emission

A lot to still prove out here for sure, but the Rivian team is world class.

Image of tech Industry and eco-innovation media monitoring post from social media; Twitter.
Tags Rivian - Robert Scaringe
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