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Analytics and Reports

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Competition benchmarking and performance analytics to help you make informed strategic decisions

Analytics and Benchmark

To help you stay ahead of any competition, we use the data collected on you and your competitors and build a benchmarking model for you. This way, you can always stay on top and look for ways to keep your competitive edge.

Reports engine feature giving users the freedom to create media analysis and media coverage reports

Reports Engine

You can now have the freedom to create your own custom reports through our report engine. Get the reports you need only for the news that interest you.

Consultation and Analysis report custom made for each client to explain media strengths and media weaknesses, to highlight brand image, publishing mistakes, and suggest ways to enhance media performance

Consultation Analysis Report

We know that creating detailed analysis reports can be very time-consuming and stressful. At Spica, we create custom reports to help you understand your media performance and build your strategies.

Round-up report help users stay on top of industry news by performing close industry media monitoring

Round-Up Report

Be the first to know all your key industry news. Stay ahead of your competitors through the daily round-up report. The round-up report will give you only the most important news on your industry of choice. This report will help you quickly understand the main events in your field of work.