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Media Officers and PR Officers can schedule press releases and news to be automatically published in the future

Publishing Scheduler

You can now have the freedom to schedule press releases and have the system publish them automatically. Gone are the days when you need to stay late to publish your press release.

Huge media database that includes names and contact information of some of the worlds biggest media outlets and journalists

Media Database

We will help you reach the right journalists and the right media outlet and spread your message to your target audience all over the world. We give you access to our very own database, which has contacts for thousands of journalists and media outlets from all over the globe.

Journalists write their press releases, edit it, attach all their media materials, and publish the news to their preferred media outlets and journalists

Fast and Secure Publishing

After writing your press release and creating all your content, our smart publishing system will give you the ability to send your press releases to the desks of your preferred media outlet.

PR Officers and editors can track their published news and see who received, read, and downloaded their press release content

Track Your News

Send a press release and track the activities done on the publication. You can monitor the status of your release, the journalists who received it, the ones who opened it, and the ones who downloaded the documents.

Editors and media managers track press release and news publishing performance to set KPIs and improve media output

Set Your KPIs

Track your own performance media performance and set your publishing KPIs based on real data. You will have access to a report-generating engine that allows you to monitor your media publishing performance over the different sectors.