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Artificial Intelligence driven actionable insights about market trends, target audience preferences, and social media conversations context for Marketing managers and PR managers

Actionable Insights

We believe that data should be turned into knowledge and insights. Seeing all the mentions of your brand and industry is good, but not enough. You need to know who is talking about your brand and in what context, but it is hard to go through millions of social media posts manually. That is why we use advanced AI technology. We use AI tools to analyze all the monitored social media posts and offer you high-value actionable insights with information about the context and trends.

Thorough demographic analysis showing target audience preference, age groups, gender distribution, audience interests, and audience professions for Marketing Managers and PR managers to use in media campaigns

Demographic Analysis

While searching for all posts mentioning your keywords, the system will be collecting data about your audience to display to you. This data will help you understand your target audience and give you insights into gender and age distribution, profession, and interests distribution, among other insights.

Social Listening tools and artificial Intelligence based sentiment analysis for social media conversations to give marketing managers and public relations managers brand image insights

Sentiment Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The social media listening tool will analyze the context of your social media mentions to provide you with sentiment analysis. This analysis will give you insights into your public's perception of your brand and how they interact with it online.

Cloud theme of the words used in conversations about certain topics and brands to give useful marketing content insights

Understand Your Brand Themes

To ensure that you use the right themes, words, and hashtags in your campaigns and marketing material, we analyze every mention of your brand and show you the themes related to your brand.

Brand’s social media performance, brand’s social media engagement, and brand’s social media potential reach for marketing campaigns

Social Media Performance

Customers tend to feel more comfortable with brands with a strong social media presence. We help you know the strength of your social media presence by measuring your total engagement, the number of results, and how successful you are in reaching your targeted audience and resonating with your followers.

Connecting with strategic influencers that help you promote your brand

Strategic Influencers

We help you find out the most influential accounts talking about your brand to help you make strategic partnerships.