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A tool that is built to help photographers and media officers manage different digital assets like photos, videos, documents, voice files in an easy and simple way

Easy to Manage

Our Media Center is built to help you save time and work efficiently. Managing your different media files does not have to be frustrating anymore.

A tool to store different digital assets like photos, videos, documents, voice files in an easy and searchable way with meta data

One Repository

Keep all types of your digital media files organized in a centralized repository. Your media files will be searchable with smart tags and other metadata. Locating a specific asset is as simple as typing a keyword and clicking search.

Media center makes sharing digital files between coworkers and clients easier and simpler

Easy Share

No more lost USB sticks, email attachment size limits, corrupted servers, or security threats, and easily share files with colleagues, clients, and others through the Media Center. Share password-protected access to the folders you want people to view or send a download link straight from the system for non-users to easily access specific files or folders.

Media Center uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to recognize faces and add smart tags to organize digital files

Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition

Face recognition utilizes artificial intelligence to scan and analyze your image, return the names of recognized people as tags for the image, and send an alert to the user once their face is detected in any image.

Media Center uses smart tags to help media officers and photographers organize their digital files and sort them

Media Asset Labels

Add labels to your files for rating, easier indexing, or proofing purposes. Create your own labels that make sense to you and your clients.

Media center’s built-in bulk upload tool that allows photographers and other users to upload thousands of images at once

Bulk Upload

Have a lot of files that you need to upload? That will not be a problem. The Media Center gives you the ability to upload files in bulk, add tags, and index these files to make them easy to find, search, and share.