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Media Monitoring Module

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Newsletter generation engine used by media monitoring managers, media managers, analysts to create newsletter groups and share with them media monitoring results

Newsletter Generation Engine

You will have the ability to generate newsletters at any time. The Newsletter will include all monitored results.

Media sentiment analysis powered by artificial intelligence with valuable insights made for analysts and media managers

Sentiment Analysis Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Quickly and accurately evaluate the sentiment behind your media mentions with the Smart Media Platform AI-powered sentiment analysis tool.

Tool that translates media texts to different languages with high accuracy and reads out loud the text available

Translation & Text-to-Voice Tool

Translate your news into different languages instantly with high accuracy. Let the system read your news out loud if you prefer listening instead of reading.

Reports engine tool giving media managers and media analysts the freedom to create media analysis and media coverage reports based on their media monitoring results

Report Engine

You can now have the freedom to create your own custom reports through our report engine. Get the reports you need only for the news that interest you.