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Media Publisher

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Tool to help editors and public relations managers write their news, edit their press releases, and add images to their release

Press Release Creator

Add photos, videos, and other rich media to bring your news story to life. You can Integrate the Media Publisher with the Media Center to easily share your media files in your press releases. Easily and quickly share your press releases in one simple link, and never worry about the size of your email again.

A tool built to give editors and PR officers the ability to manage their journalists and media outlets contact and build a huge database as they work

Media List

Have access to our very own database of journalists from all over the globe. Find relevant journalists tailored to your industry and location, and add your own database to the system to make your publishing easy and centralized in one place for all your employees.

A tool built to help editors and PR officers organize journalists contacts in groups based on the type of publication

Press Release Distribution

Keep your contacts organized with dynamic groups. Stay up-to-date with activity logs. Engage journalists with personalized emails.

A tool for PR Officers and editors to track published news and check who received, read, and downloaded their press release content

Track Your News Status

Track the press release effectively and know if your contacts received, downloaded, and read your news story. The system will also enable you to stop publishing the press release even after sending it out to the journalists.