Aug 04, 2022

The importance of Instagram Visual Monitoring

The importance of Instagram Visual Monitoring

Despite the fact that social media is a fundamental aspect of today's marketing, some organizations are still wasting opportunities to exploit it to its best potential. When we talk about such opportunities, we refer to social listening, namely visual listening.
Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the most famous and dominant social media platforms. It is the world's sixth most visited website. According to a recent study, Instagram is the most popular social network among (those aged 16 to 24), even exceeding TikTok. Because this customer demographic has more purchasing power, companies that target Gen Z must understand their tastes and interests.

Its audience actively participates and shares content in addition to skimming through the stream. Instagram users, for example, upload around 65 thousand photos in one minute. These photos contain tons of information, as people share their life experiences, talk about things and items they love or leave products and brand visuals visible in the background of their photos. All of these things can help companies understand their customers and learn more about them on a deeper level.

What can Instagram monitoring do for your business?

Companies can focus on gathering data from Instagram posts that include their brands. Whether they were tagged, mentioned in a hashtag, or detected by the logo, these posts represent a gold mine of data. This post collection is feasible due to image recognition capabilities, which allow not only textual social mentions but also photos carrying a brand's logo or a text version of it to be tracked. We'll go over four examples of Instagram tracking and how to turn the data into meaningful insights in the sections below.

Create products that your customers will appreciate

Monitoring Instagram user-generated content can help you understand niches better. Your company can put this understanding to good use by developing a product that is relevant to your target market.
For example, many Starbucks customers arrived with their dogs, who were also looking for a treat, so their owners let them sample the cream portion of the coffee. That's when the concept for a puppy-safe drink arose: a portion of cream reserved for good boys and girls. Customers can now get Puppuccino at other coffee places. Your little companion may also taste these treats at Costa Coffee, for example.

A dog enjoying a Puppuccino
A dog enjoying a Puppuccino

Get ideas for your marketing communications

As a visually social media platform, Instagram is an excellent place for marketers to get ideas for their campaigns. Instagram images can be analyzed to see which aesthetics appeal to their target group, as well as which situations, items, and even colors in the images produce the highest engagement.
Companies can learn more about their visuals and images. They can compare insights from different images and see which one performs better. To take it a step further, they can get insights into why one visual failed while the other was successful, what caused the better engagement for the successful visual, along with some other insights.

Increase the effectiveness of your influencer marketing activities

In recent years, several organizations have expanded their influencer marketing spending, realizing the significance of this channel in various industries, including beauty and fashion. Hundreds of thousands of Instagram influencers are added to the platform every day, making it difficult for businesses to find suitable candidates for collaborations.
Though the number of followers used to be one of the most critical elements in choosing partner influencers, marketers are now focusing on specialized "niche" content makers as they have better advantages than other influencers: Authenticity and high interaction.

Increase the effectiveness of your influencer marketing activities

Understand how customers use your products

Instagram helps advertisers directly see how their customers use items because it is a visual-first social network. People may misuse a product, and as a result, they do not receive the full value of the item or product they have. Consumers can also learn new ways to use their favorite products, like adding potato chips to their favorite dish. This expands the playfield for advertisers and companies, as they can now use these "new ways" to use their products and fork into a new market or niche. Looking at Doritos, for example, many social media recipes suggest using Doritos when making the good ol' mac and cheese. Doritos with mac and cheese sounds and actually look amazing. Maybe it's time Doritos put out their own branded cookbook that has all these new undiscovered recipes.

Doritos Mac and Cheese
Doritos Mac and Cheese

When anything goes wrong, people turn to social media, and posting an online review appears to be the best way to get the attention of the businesses or prevent others from purchasing the same services or products. Because people may post a picture about a problem with an item they bought without exactly explaining what the problem was, images can convey considerably more than words in such situations.
Companies that track hashtags and monitor their brand visuals on Instagram can quickly respond to customer issues and gain data on what is most affecting them. Knowing what the problem is, especially if it is reoccurring, allows you to fix it, develop the product or service, and turn unsatisfied consumers into loyal ones.

What are the advantages of using Instagram Analytics in general?

There are various benefits to using Instagram analytics, depending on whether you utilize free or paid tools. Four of the most important advantages of adopting Instagram metrics for your business are listed below.

What are the advantages of using Instagram Analytics in general?
  1. Knowing your target audience
    Instagram analytics will also segment stats according to demographics. You may filter data by gender, age, region, language, and other factors. The more information you have, the better you will be able to comprehend your target audience.
    You may deliver more specific information once you know your target audience. Instagram analytics also reveal information about your followers' interests and online shopping habits. This is useful for customizing and tailoring content to the audience you're trying to reach.

  2. Save time and money
    When you don't understand a process, you'll waste a lot of time debugging with no assurance of success. Fortunately, Instagram analytics gives you information that will help you avoid this problem. The information provided reveals which content your viewers value and which content needs to be worked on.
    Rather than dividing your efforts across all aspects of your advertising, you can use metrics to see which ones are functioning well and which ones could use some more attention. This allows you to make the most optimal use of your time and resources.

    Save time and money
  3. Lead the market in social media performance
    Instagram analytics provide you with helpful information such as which posts your followers respond to the most, the best days and times to post, and more. Knowing these facts can help you become a market leader and position yourself up for success. For instance, if you utilize the data to understand when your followers are most active each day, you may plan your content to post at those times automatically.
    So, if you learn that 9 p.m. is the best time for your follower on Sunday, 5 p.m. on Monday, and 5 p.m. on Wednesday, you can post your content throughout these times to drive the highest engagement from your followers. You can also figure out what kind of material your audience finds most valuable based on analytics data. You can adjust your campaign to share comparable content after knowing which content your consumers love the most.
    Knowing how to manage your campaign will allow you to continuously post the best content at peak times, leading you to continuous success.

  4. Develop a campaign and strategy plan
    A basic comprehension of patterns, growing periods, and trends in your advertising is required to plan a successful campaign. You can utilize Instagram statistics to analyze growth over different time periods, allowing you to dive deeper and understand what you were up to during your campaign's peak periods.
    You can then make changes to strengthen your overall plan. Because you're basing any adjustments and updates on actual measurements, the decisions you take and the changes you make will be optimized. Having this data means you're not taking any chances when making changes or updates to your plan.

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